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The Network Alabama Deserves

Connecting Alabama from Muscle Shoals to Mobile

5000+ Miles
67 Counties
400+ Institutions

Connecting Alabama

At Alabama Fiber Network, we’re committed to connecting every part of the state with high-speed internet. Our network supports local businesses, educational institutions, healthcare centers, government offices, last-mile service providers and more, boosting their ability to serve our communities.
Educational Institutions
Local Businesses
Government Offices & Municipalities
Healthcare Centers

How We Connect Alabama

Better internet, better Alabama. See the difference high-speed fiber can bring to our state.
Download our information sheet to learn more about how Alabama Fiber Network drives connectivity across the state.
Communication Service Providers

Communication Service Providers

Partner for Community Success

We’re creating a network that supports last-mile broadband providers in their mission to deliver service to previously underserved and unserved areas.
Middle-Mile Partners


Strengthen Alabama’s Middle Mile

Our middle-mile network is the backbone of statewide connectivity, supporting a diverse range of critical services. Our partners are collaborating to create a robust middle mile to serve broadband users throughout the state.

Alabama Fiber Network Map

From Rural Towns to Busy Cities

We’re bringing high-speed internet to every corner of Alabama. Find out how we’re upgrading connectivity near you.

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Our Journey
Trace the path of progress through key milestones in our network’s development.
Governor Kay Ivey signs the Connect Alabama Act to drive broadband expansion statewide.
Alabama allocates $85 million of ARPA funds for creating a statewide middle mile network.
AFN receives a competitive grant of $82.4 million to fund the middle mile network.
Launch of the Be Linked Alabama initiative.
Alabama Fiber Network’s new brand name is officially announced.
An additional $128.8 million is awarded to extend AFN’s network by 1,776 miles.
Summer 2024
Major parts of the network to be operational.
Our Partners