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About Us

Connecting Alabama’s communities to the future with cutting-edge fiber technology and unparalleled high-speed internet access.

Alabama Fiber Network
Who We Are

Alabama Fiber Network (AFN) is leading the development of a comprehensive middle-mile network to bridge the digital divide in Alabama. As a collaborative initiative among local electric co-ops and technology leaders like Ciena and Arista, AFN is committed to deploying advanced fiber technology. Our network stretches over 5,000 miles, targeting 67 counties to deliver high-speed connectivity to every corner of the state. This infrastructure is the backbone of the Be Linked broadband initiative, designed to empower communities with reliable, scalable internet access.

Who We Serve
Our mission is to deliver internet access to unserved and underserved communities throughout Alabama, focusing on schools, healthcare facilities, and key economic sectors, including businesses and government operations. By enhancing connectivity for these anchor institutions, AFN supports crucial industries that depend on reliable internet for remote learning, telehealth services, economic development, and more. Our network makes critical services and opportunities accessible to all Alabamians, promoting growth and innovation across the state.
How We’re Funded
Supported by State Initiatives and Partnerships
The establishment and expansion of AFN have been made possible through significant funding and support from the State of Alabama, enabled by the Connect Alabama Act of 2021 and subsequent grants from ARPA funding totaling over $210 million. Additional support comes from our member electric co-ops and strategic partnerships, which provide the necessary infrastructure and technical expertise to advance our network’s reach and capabilities.
Our Partners