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Connecting Alabama to the Future

Providing One of the Nation’s Strongest Networks

Improving Connections. Changing Lives.

AFN’s infrastructure creates a foundation for innovation and opportunity across every sector. Each mile of fiber constructed opens new avenues for development and digital access.


Empowering educators and students with fast, reliable internet, AFN supports a brighter future through enhanced online learning environments and equal educational opportunities across Alabama.


Our network advances healthcare delivery by facilitating telehealth services that expand access to medical consultation and support so every Alabamian can reach essential healthcare resources.
Businesses & Economic Development

Economic Development

AFN stimulates economic growth by providing Alabama businesses with the high-speed internet necessary to operate efficiently, connect globally and drive innovation.

Download our information sheet to learn more about how Alabama Fiber Network drives connectivity across the state.

Communication Service Providers

Partnering for Community Success

Communication Service Providers

Our partnership with CSPs is pivotal in extending the reach of high-speed internet so that essential services and opportunities are accessible to all Alabamians, especially in underserved areas.
  • Enhancing the capabilities of local communication service providers by providing them with robust infrastructure to deliver fast, reliable internet.
  • Supporting the introduction of innovative services like smart home technologies, e-learning platforms and telemedicine.
  • Collaborating with community leaders and organizations to identify connectivity needs and implement solutions that drive digital inclusion.
Middle-Mile Partners

Strengthening Alabama’s Middle Mile

Middle Mile Partners

AFN strengthens the backbone of Alabama’s internet infrastructure by collaborating with middle mile partners to build a robust and secure network that supports the state’s growing digital demands.

  • Connecting nearly all community colleges in Alabama to support advanced educational opportunities.
  • Collaborating with tech leaders like Ciena and Arista to integrate the latest technology for a seamless connection experience.
  • Facilitating extensive connectivity solutions for large-scale users, including government, healthcare and major businesses.

Partner With Us

Find out how you can collaborate with the Alabama Fiber Network to expand connectivity across the state. Reach out to learn more about partnership opportunities, whether you’re a last mile provider or involved in our middle-mile efforts. Let’s bridge the digital divide and build a more connected future for Alabama.
Our Partners